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The Human Rights and Peace Centre

The Human Rights and Peace Centre provides information and conflict resolution services. It has brought together representatives from various ethnic groups and has trained more than 1,200 community leaders in human rights advocacy, conflict resolution and home to prevent domestic violence. It provided human rights information and services to tens of thousands of villagers through the community radio and role plays.

URDT's Human rights and justice programme is response to tribal clashes during elections and requests from local women who became victims of domestic violence. Its purpose is to promote social and economic rights, such as the rights to security of person, education, employment, health and civic participation.

The staff provide counselling sessions at URDT's campus, sensitisation meetings and workshops at village level, and training for village council leaders and police who are responsible for enforcing the rights of their constituencies.

URDT is also directly involved in peace management and reconciliation for the Bunyoro region. We work in close collaboration with representatives of the Bunyoro Kingdom, other traditional leaders, women, youth and the elderly. We organise meetings and workshops that aim to generate shared vision and unity in diversity in the region.



Contact details:

Chief Executive Officer: Dr Mwalimu Musheshe

PO Box:16253, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256 (0)414-256704

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Website: www.urdt.org               

Fax:256-(0) 414-342270

Physical location: Kagadi village - Kibaale District - North West Uganda