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URDT Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio

The Community Radio Station (KKCR 91.7 FM) provides interactive educational programs on rural development topics, human rights, health, land rights and other pertinent issues to listenership of two million people. The radio is run by team of professionals and over 100 volunteers, including the URDT students.

The purpose of URDT's Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio (KKCR) is to enhance development, unity and solidarity through dialogue and debate amongst all development actors in Western Ugandand beyond. The participants include local leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs, women, youth, politicians, students and staff of all URDT institutions. In particular, the radio gives voice to the local, often marginalized, people to share their experiences and to explain their views, thereby promoting accountability and transparency of leaders and other democratic principles.

KKCR broadcasts 18 hours per day in seven local languages and English. The radio covers effectively 10 districts and has an estimated audience of 2 million people.