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The URDT Institute for Business, Vocational and MediStudies

The URDT Institute for Business, Vocational and MediStudies has the capacity to graduate 30 young adults per year into their own entrepreneurial ventures, which then often provide employment for others. Its Appropriate Technology Center trains students in the design and use of energy saving devices and other innovations. The IVBMS' aim is to generate critical mass of all-round and skilled male and female entrepreneurs who have integrity and the capacity to improve their own situation, create their own jobs, and adhere to and promote civic responsibilities and human rights.

The Institute offers Government recognized Certificate and Diplomcourses in vocational, business and medistudies. Besides lecturers, we offer practical training at URDT's IT centre, Appropriate Technology Centre, Metal and Carpentry workshops

The Institute also developed training module on development, technology and gender that is offered to rural women and wide range of development practitioners. The Institute also trains independent local artisans, water technicians, health workers, solar energy technicians and traditional birth attendants in the use and maintenance of rural technologies, business management and other aspects of entrepreneurship.

Surveys show that 45% of the graduates have become successful artisans engaged in building, welding, mechanics, furniture making, food processing, and tailoring. There are currently 7 groups of welders and mechanics in Kagadi town, 3 groups of tailors, 3 groups involved in carpentry, 2 groups in art crafts and design and 1 group in food processing, thanks to the initiatives of our graduates.

The tool refurbished programme enabled 2,500 artisans to access tools. The Institute also trained 200 independent local artisans, 68 FAL instructors, 58 community based technicians (of which 25% are women), 80 birth attendants and over 50 solar technicians from various districts.