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URDT's Motto and women empowerment

URDT's motto is: Awakening the sleeping genius in each of us. This motto stands out as one of the principle beliefs of URDT. Realizing that every person has role to play in development, there is lot of unrealized potential especially amongst (young) women; not only in Kibaale but in Ugandand Africas whole.

URDT believes that women are key to sustainable development. Unfortunately, women and girls are often victims of structures in society that kept them in an ignorant and subservient role. Therefore URDT's has interventions target rural women who are un-exposed to modern farming (while this is their major livelihood), rural economies, good leadership and positive social changes.

Functionally literate persons can make informed decisions on nutrition, vaccination, family planning, home economics and community development programmes. URDT equips rural girls and women with skills and knowledge to participate effectively in socio-economic development and political activities, including speaking up for peaceful ways of dealing with tribal and other differences. Most of URDT's education interventions are geared towards creating pool of value driven, knowledgeable female leaders who are passionate on creating  health and wealth in their homes and communities keeping in mind the universal human rights and obligations.