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URDT's over 20 years experience in training and human development provides a solid basis for managing the school and developing an educational programme in line with the school's vision and mission. URDT acts as the Board of Trustees of the Girls' school and its Board is the overall policy making body. The Executive Committee plays an important role in setting up value based management systems and the establishment of the school's co-curriculum programme that enhances development at home and community level. The Head teachers are responsible for the effective day to day running of the school and encourage teamwork and team-learning amongst the teaching and non-teaching staff[10]. A Matron heads the boarding section. She is assisted by other staff who prepare meals, ensure a hygienic and homely and caring environment.

The development of the school is considered as an evolving process that requires courage, innovativeness, a learning attitude and creative thinking at all levels in the organisation. Therefore, considerable time is made available for experimenting, reflection, analysing and adjusting. The school's mission and vision, the students' needs and strive for excellence and happiness guides the decision making process.