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Through participation in public debates and plays designed by the school, the students improve their leadership and communications skills and learn to live together with different types of people. Our focus is on conscious raising on human rights issues, with emphasis on women and children rights, health and good governance. We participate in local and national advocacy campaigns and also organise popular theatre in the communities in collaboration with URDT's human right desk. We promote cooperation as opposed to domestic and ethnic violence and the importance of girls education.

URDT has established a human rights component that educates the students on the relationship between true development and human rights. It also provides counselling services on human rights abuses and seeks redress through the established channels for people from the community.

We as well develop consciousness on the shift in thinking that what we traditionally referred to as human needs, are now human rights issues. Food, shelter, health, clean environment, security and freedom are rights for everyone, especially the children who cannot take care of themselves yet. We educate students and the community on the importance of cooperation and respect for human rights but also the related obligations in their homes and communities.

We also encourage students and their home members who live in the same sub-county to form self-help groups, work together and learn from each other's experiences.