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The URDTGS started in 2000 to address a need of orphaned and other vulnerable girls for transformational education in Kibaale District. Although the Government provides universal primary and secondary education, their schools lack the capacity and vision of preparing students and their families for a good and happy life in a rural setting and become responsible citizens. The URDTGS demonstrates that its 2-generation approach leads to more prosperity, health and peace in the homes of the students.


The URDTGS' mission is to provide disadvantaged and talented girls and their homes with transformational and value based education that shapes character and personality, and creates excellence, prosperity, health, peace, freedom and happiness".

The school is a not for profit institution that offers education to girls and their families that are unable to provide most of the basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, clean safe water and education. The girl's potential talents are assessed through specially designed interviews and home visits. 


The URDTGS uniquely links education to home and community development.  By actively involving the parents through functional adult literacy training, it reduces the knowledge gap between the 2 generations. The 2-generation approach improves family cooperation and enhances a shared vison and desire to collectively work towards self reliance, food security, sustainable income, tolerance, gender equity and happines in the homes of the students




The school enhances the students' academic success through formal education (Uganda's National Education Board curriculum) as well as informal training through its co-curricular activities that enhance their skills in leadership,commercial farming, enterpreneurship, preventive health care, creating peace, environmental management and gender consciousness.


By actively involving the parents through back home projects, parents workshops and functional adult literacy training, the school encourages family cooperation and collective action towards gender equality, health, prosperity, peace, freedom and happiness in the students' homes and communities.

The institutional linkages with URDT's community radio, Institute for Vocational Studies and Appropriate Technologies, the Human Rights and Peace centre and African Rural University provides a rich human resource base.


Through participation in public debates and plays, the students improve their leadership and communications skills and learn to live together with different types of people. Our focus is on conscious raising on human rights and obligations, with emphasis on women and children rights, health, peace and good governance. We participate in local and national advocacy campaigns and also organise popular theatre in the communities in collaboration with URDT's human right desk. We promote cooperation as opposed to domestic and ethnic violence and the importance of girls education and peace as key in sustainable development.