Toekomstige leiders in Afrika steunen?


Jij weet dat relevant en goed onderwijs de basis vormt voor ontwikkeling en armoede bestrijding. Elimu Foundation (EF) ondersteunt al 10 jaar zulk onderwijs voor slimme, talentvolle meiden in Uganda.


URDT Girls Run Second 'Marathon'

Het begon in Kagidi in Uganda met sportieve meiden die geld bij elkaar renden voor kinderen die nog minder hadden dan zij zelf. Het idee sloeg over naar London, Canada volgde met een Runners4Runners actie. Spoedig daarna ging Amerika meedoen. Elimu Foundation wil in Nederland mensen helpen om al sportende geld in te zamelen. Om zowel passieve als aktieve sporters enthousiast te maken bekijk de intro hier.

Wil jij deze meiden in Uganda helpen om goede Afrikaanse leiders te worden? Dat kan via Elimu Foundation. Klik hier

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It started in Uganda with heroic Ugandan girls who ran to support other children in need. This touched runners in London, now people in Canada are heating up, while also in America and the Netherlands more and more people are getting enthusiastic to join in the  Runners4Runners campaign . Both sporters and non-sports can participate.

 What happened? Students at the URDT Girls School ran 14 km barefoot to raise nearly $1500 for their community, where most residents live on less than $2 a day.

Why did the girls do it? They are chosen from the poorest families in the district to attend the remarkable Girls School at the Uganda Rural Development and Training Program (URDT). There they learn to set bold goals for their own lives, families and communities, and do whatever it takes to reach them.

This was no ordinary charity run. The sun was blazing hot. The roads were unpaved, pitted and rough. Most of the 235 girls ran the 14 kilometers barefoot because they couldn’t afford shoes. Despite their inexperience in running long distances, their commitment to “go the distance for others” proved more powerful than the challenging 14 kilometer. 

Will you support them? The students at URDT Girls School initiated this bold and heroic act of altruism in 2008 to help children even less fortunate than themselves. In December 2009, more than 1000 girls and others will run to raise funds for peace and prosperity for all in their communities.

How can you help? You can support these inspiring girls, whether or not you are a runner. Your contribution goes a long way to empower these girls and their homes. The running experience made the girls even more determined to become comitted and self-reliant leaders in Africa.

During 2009:

1.You can donate funds directly to support the girls.

2.You can form your own team, or join a team, to raise funds by gathering pledges and running in already-scheduled local runs you choose to participate in this season. You may want to support a local cause as well as running for the girls in Uganda


 Your generous contributions, either by direct donation or through a fundraising run, can positively impact these inspired, courageous girls at URDT

 US or Canadian based participants click here



In the meantime, the URDT girls kept the tradition to run on the London Marathon day. The pictures above tell the story of 240+ girls and boys running out of solidarity with more disadvantaged children on the 26th of April 2009. They ran 5 km to train for the big event in December. They all won not just by finishing the race despite the stones and blazing sun. They won because of their drive to run for others. The fastest boy took 17 minutes and the fasted girl 22 minutes only! Talking about 'giving you a run for your money?  Please join in, run or make a donation now .