Students and parents energized to become peace creators.

What happened? In April, the URDT Girls' School embarked on a series of workshops for the teachers, students and parents on the theme: 'my contribution to peace in my home and community'. The process raised a lot energy for action for peace. The participants defined peace beyond the absence of war. They agreed that a 'peaceful me' includes a situation where not only 'me' but also others, like my neighbour and other villagers have food security, education, sustainable income, shelter and good health.

 What else was discussed?


The participants examined the root causes of the current situation, why relationships are not good, what else obstructs and builds peace and how we collectively can develop strategies and strategic relationships to become peaceful. They agreed that URDT is going to strengthen it is peace programme and we are excited about that.

Why is this important? Actually, the limited of understanding on the causes of poverty in the homes of the students, the delicate political situation in the Bunyoro region rooted in historical injustices, the many cases of domestic violence and the upcoming national elections, gave rise to the desire to expanding URDT’s interventions on developing sustainable peace in the region.

Peace starts from within the individual.  I need to understand my personal vision of a 'peaceful me' before I can become peace creators within my home and communities.

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What are the action steps? URDT wants to inspire more young people and their parents to become peace creators. It plans to organise workshops, drama, songs, essay writing competitions and radio programmes to: 1) develop shared visions of peace in the region; 2) transform the negative discourse to dialogues and actions to create a desire for living happily in diversity, 3) encourage dialogues to: heal the wounds of the past; increase people’s capacity for forgiveness; support young and old, women and men to transcend beyond tribal, ethnic, political, gender, age, religious and other differences so to create prosperity, health and happiness for all. We invite you to support this important initiative. Click here for action.