radioDe meiden van de URDT school worden geleerd om thuis en in hun buurt projecten op te starten en te leiden. Dit doen ze met leuke acties, zoals toneelvoorstellingen over HIV/AIDS, en lokale hardloopwedstrijden voor vrede en om geld in te zamelen voor andere kinderen. EF draagt bij aan zulke projecten met geld, organisatie en vrijwilligers.

In an illiterate household, and that is where our girls come from, a literate child is a change agent. For example:  she can read health cards, instructions in agronomy and livestock and as such, can offer the much needed leadership in improving the situation in her home.

The URDT Girls' school moves one step further and offers a comprehensive co-curriculum for leadership develpment, providing the students with skills to transform their homes into role models in their community.  

Students are trained to provide leadership in activities directly linked to home improvement such as sustainable agricultural practices, environmental protection, testing, application of appropriate rural technologies and commercial farming.

The school enhances the students' diverse range of skills and shapes their character to develop an all-round and value driven leader through tailor made workshops, debate clubs, essay writing, sports, envirionmental clubs, life skills training, popular theatre, science fairs, music, dance and drama. The school endavours to make it FUN! for the students.

Students also learn to link their education to employment and job creation. Last but not least, the school emphasizes the importance of science subjects and fine arts because it enhances analytical thinking, discipline and creativity; all important for future leaders to understand and apply.